The Product

For centuries private houses have been built on location by human hand with arcane methods of construction. The approach pioneered by Wunderhaus is entirely different. Wunderhaus is a product in the shape of a building, signalling a fundamental paradigm shift. It transposes the virtues from a product – a smartphone, a television or a car – to the manufacture of domestic buildings.

A Holistic Process

The key to this revolution is a holistic process of research, design, production, quality control, marketing and distribution harnessed by new technologies. The results can be seen in the finished product – a fully-fitted out, tested and costed prototype.

Quality. Efficiency. Sustainability

Wunderhaus is a product that benefits from the highest levels of quality, efficiency and sustainability found in different areas of manufacture. Just as in a high-end car, for example, the right combination of the best elements makes it much more than the sum of its parts. This product-based approach is rooted in the original design process and the controlled, cutting-edge technology of the factory so that consumers know precisely what they are getting – efficient design, high quality, speedy assembly and predictable cost.

Consumer First Approach

Wunderhaus is a product that puts consumers first by fulfilling our desire for comfort, warmth, and beauty, creating an environment that supports our well-being and lifestyles. A house that allows us to prosper as human beings is more than a product – a thing we can cherish – a beloved object.