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After more than 20 years of designing outstanding properties for high-net-worth individuals throughout the world, we felt strongly that there was a distinct lack of high-quality architectural design at an affordable level in the current housing market. Also, despite the building industry’s lip-service to environmentally friendly, energy efficient houses, there were virtually no products matching these attributes on the market. With the onerous challenge of creating a product that truly delivers on these promises, we took the bold decision at the beginning of 2018 to move away from our previous business model and instead to concentrate exclusively on researching, designing and developing an architecturally outstanding housing product with the right energy performance and environmental credentials.

With a mission to revolutionise the outdated housing market, Wunderhaus focuses on enhancing energy efficiency, environmental performance, quality, functionality, and technology. It’s worth noting that we are the only carbon-negative and energy-positive housing product. This showcases the remarkable strides we have taken in our research and development endeavours to create a house that generates more energy than it consumes, all while embodying award-winning architecture, design, and functionality. To validate our R&D efforts and showcase the performance of our concept, we constructed a prototype model which now serves as an impressive show home.

Nico Rensch

Nico Rensch

Nico Rensch is the Founder and Managing Director of Wunderhaus Limited since its inception in 2018. Schooled in architecture in Geneva, Switzerland, he is an internationally renowned architectural designer with a wealth of experience in high-end commercial and residential construction in the UK and abroad. His work is acclaimed internationally and has featured in numerous publications. His ability to rationalise space and optimise layouts, together with an instinct for configuring materials and finishes bestows his projects with a timeless style and elegance, proven qualities that guide and underpin the innovative commitment to modern living of Wunderhaus.

Russell Clark

Russell Clark

A highly experienced professional in the field of architecture and design, has cultivated a longstanding and fruitful collaborative partnership with Rensch through their involvement with Architeam and Red Button Development. With a rich background in product design, Russell Clark brings a diverse set of skills to the table, allowing him to seamlessly traverse various creative mediums. His talents extend beyond traditional architectural design, encompassing the creation of captivating presentations, intricate technical drawings, and immersive 3D animations. This unique ability to envision architecture as a product goes beyond the conventional approach and plays a pivotal role in shaping the innovative strategy of Wunderhaus. By blending his artistic sensibilities with an acute business acumen, Clark helps propel the firm towards a future where architecture not only serves as a functional space but also as a transformative and marketable entity, redefining the boundaries of design and construction.

max rensch

Max Rensch

Max Rensch recently finished studying business administration and since March 2022 has been a part of the Wunderhaus team. He has since been applying himself to managing the marketing and administrative roles of Wunderhaus. During his studies Max was involved with multiple startup companies where he performed several roles from marketing to the managing of day-to-day operations. The experience he has gained brings a fresh outlook and perspective to the team.

michael collins

Michael Collins

In September 2022, Michael became a valuable addition to our team, bringing with him a deep-seated passion for architecture with a burning desire to make a meaningful difference.

Since joining our team, Michael has immersed himself in the intricacies of Wunderhaus, becoming nothing short of an expert in our product. His dedication to mastering the nuances of our architectural solutions is truly commendable, and he consistently applies his expertise to assist those who share our vision of incorporating Wunderhaus designs into their projects.

Each day, Michael taps into his extensive knowledge base to offer guidance and support to individuals and organisations looking to collaborate with Wunderhaus in their construction endeavours. His commitment to facilitating seamless partnerships and ensuring that our innovative designs are integrated effectively into various projects is a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for the field.

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