“Wunderhaus is the opportunity to embrace a paradigm shift to energy positive, carbon negative, sustainable contemporary living”

– Nico Rensch, Wunderhaus

Our Story

After more than 20 years of designing outstanding properties for high-net-worth individuals throughout the world, we felt strongly that there was a distinct lack of high-quality architectural design at an affordable level in the current housing market. Also, despite the building industry’s lip-service to environmentally friendly, energy efficient houses, there were virtually no products matching these attributes on the market. With the onerous challenge of creating a product that truly delivers on these promises, we took the bold decision at the beginning of 2018 to move away from our previous business model and instead to concentrate exclusively on researching, designing and developing an architecturally outstanding housing product with the right energy performance and environmental credentials. We call it the Wunderhaus.

Nico Rensch

Nico Rensch is the Founder and Managing Director of Wunderhaus Limited since its inception in 2018. Schooled in architecture in Geneva, Switzerland, he is an internationally renowned architectural designer with a wealth of experience in high-end commercial and residential construction in the UK and abroad. His work is acclaimed internationally and has featured in numerous publications. His ability to rationalise space and optimise layouts, together with an instinct for configuring materials and finishes bestows his projects with a timeless style and elegance, proven qualities that guide and underpin the innovative commitment to modern living of Wunderhaus.

Russell Clark

Russell Clark has a long-standing collaborative relationship with Rensch through Architeam and Red Button Development. Clark’s background in product design gives him the skills to work across a range of mediums to create presentations, technical drawings and 3D animations. His ability to conceive of architecture as a product is crucial to the strategy of Wunderhaus.

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