A product for developments

The Wunderhaus product range was designed for the development segment and is marketed by selling a license to the developer. They can realise the development via their own construction arm or via Wunderhaus strategic construction partners. The license fee is the equivalent of customary professional fees, and scales down with multiple units of one type, entitling the developer to the use of all plans and elevations, relevant CGIs and other graphics, material specifications and energy and environmental performance criteria for planning purposes, as well as all necessary construction drawings, structural engineer calculations (except foundation specification), procurement schedule, bill of quantities, building regulation documentation, mechanical engineering design and SAP calculation documentation. This has the time advantage of allowing the developer to proceed immediately with planning and construction preparation, rather than designing the scheme first, and therefore saves approximately 12 months.

In 2025, the Government is set to introduce a major upgrade to standards for newly built homes. This initiative, known as the Future Homes Standard, is primarily aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The ultimate aim is to contribute to the United Kingdom’s national ambition of reaching net-zero emissions.

Wunderhaus not only meets these upcoming requirements but surpasses them by a considerable margin. Our product simplifies the adaptation to this initiative. Over the past five years, we’ve proactively fine-tuned the Wunderhaus product in anticipation of this pivotal shift, ensuring it’s more than ready for the future standards set by the government.

Wunderhaus holds the distinction of being the UK’s first award-winning property that combines exceptional design with energy positivity and carbon negativity. One of our unique selling points lies in the bespoke 30kW solar PV roof that we provide as standard along with a 35kW energy storage unit.

Remarkably, the Wunderhaus superstructure can be assembled within approximately 15 working days by a small team of just four individuals and a telehandler. An individual property can be completed in as little as 3 or 4 months. We are also able to introduce you to a reputable construction company who are familiar with our product to assist you with your development project.

At Wunderhaus, we have invested extensive time and effort into designing, researching, and creating a housing product that streamlines the development process for you. We offer our intellectual property through a comprehensive licence pack, which includes detailed documentation on various components. These materials provide invaluable insights into their values, sustainability credentials, certifications, and architectural details. Additionally, the pack includes a procurement schedule, mechanical and engineering design data, architectural and structural drawings, SAP data, 3D models, and much more.

This package includes the necessary information for submitting your planning application. By collaborating with a planning consultant you select, or with our recommended consultant, you can submit your application several months earlier than creating a custom scheme.

Some of the CGIs we have created for our developer friends who have visited us in Battle.

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