A product for developments

The wunderhaus product range was designed for the development segment and is marketed by selling a license to the developer. They can realise the development via their own construction arm or via Wunderhaus strategic construction partners. The license fee is the equivalent of customary professional fees, and scales down with multiple units of one type, entitling the developer to the use of all plans and elevations, relevant CGIs and other graphics, material specifications and energy and environmental performance criteria for planning purposes, as well as all necessary construction drawings, structural engineer calculations (except foundation specification), procurement schedule, bill of quantities, building regulation documentation, mechanical engineering design and SAP calculation documentation. This has the time advantage of allowing the developer to proceed immediately with planning and construction preparation, rather then designing the scheme first, and therefore saves approximately 12 months.

Wunderhaus has agreed special terms in the supply chain which ensures licencees can construct for the lowest possible cost. Wunderhaus can also introduce developers to an experienced 4 man team to construct the weather tight superstructure in 10 working days, erected on a previously completed foundation. The rest of the construction can be completed by normal skilled craftsmen.

The license fee entitles the developer to 10 site visits from a Wunderhaus construction consultant, and should the construction fulfil the Wunderhaus design and quality criteria, a specific numbered Wunderhaus certificate will be issued for each property and with that, the benefit of the Wunderhaus branding, website, PR and social media.