Despite its cutting-edge contemporary appearance, the Wunderhaus’s form, size and proportions are rooted in ancient architectural archetypes and take their reference from the Neolithic long house, the earliest dwellings built in Europe around 6000BC. It can therefore be called the most traditional new build in today’s market.

Wunderhaus’s architecture is innovative – not because of cleaving to a much-used, classic shape – but in the ways it reinterprets and optimises these proportions to suit the present-day. The result is an open plan, double height living, dining, kitchen and family room. The 7.5m gable style roof meets a triple-glazed elevation and creates a bright loft-like effect that emphasises the volume of the room.

7.5m Double height galleried living room

Covered terraces and balcony

Covered terraces

Modern open plan living

Maximum space optimisation

Panorama window

Access to outside from all habitable rooms

En-suite bathroom and dressing room to each bedroom