“Wunderhaus researched and developed a product in the form of a house that produces net more energy than it consumes. Its architecture, design, functionality, performance and material quality are exceptional”

– Nico Rensch, Wunderhaus

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Energy Efficiency

Wunderhaus is the only net energy positive capable housing product in the UK.

120 A

EPC rating


CO2 emissions

118 A



Energy costs

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The experience of the architecture is manifested in the details: the airy, open spaces and luxurious finishes throughout that are immediately visible to the eye, while other aspects reveal themselves more gradually, such as the ideal layout matrix that omits redundant hallway space and features class-leading storage space.

Wunderhaus is more than a building – it creates an atmosphere for modern living.

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The Product

Wunderhaus is the only housing product on the market to offer this combination of architecture, performance and quality.

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Low Maintenance. High Performance

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Controlled climate with a continuous supply of pollen free fresh air and dust filtration.

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Smart Technology

App controlled Wunderhaus features.

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